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Website Design and Development

Moleskine ® | Unsettled

Moleskine and Unsettled Product Mockup

Guiding Questions

How do you represent two brands in a familiar way?

How can we build a microsite that’s simple to maintain?

What does travel mean for creativity?

How can we familiarize the Moleskine community with the Unsettled brand without taking them off-site?

Website Design and Development


Unsettled Product Screenshots

Guiding Questions

How can we reduce unqualified leads through better communication?

Can we build brand graphics in a SEO friendly way?

Can we migrate and build a site in under 3 weeks?

What can be removed?

Will this scale?

Product Design and Management

Wishlist Rewards

Wishlist rewards product mockups

Guiding Questions

How do you facilitate meaningful digital connection?

How can a product reward good behaviors?

Can you manage a remote team in a personal way?

What self-serve features reduce account management workload?

How do you communicate the joy of celebrating success?

Website Design and Marketing


MadebyAdventure product mockups

Guiding Questions

How do you inspire action with words?

Can an itinerary tell a story?

What does adventure mean?

How can honest branding and marketing attract adventurous travelers?

Why travel with a purpose?